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La Beata clay vase
La Beata clay vase
La Beata clay vase
La Beata clay vase
La Beata clay vase

La Beata clay vase

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Origin Material Manufacturing time
Mallorca Red clay 3 hours

The clay vases of La Beata have been part of the history of our family for many, many generations. Everything started in Santa Margalida, a small village in the heart of Mallorca, where S’Abellar lands are located. Every year, the first Sunday of September, the locals participate in the beautiful procession of La Beata, held in honour of Santa Catalina Thomas. That day, the vileros and vileres (as people call the men and women living in Santa Margalida) dress up as pagesos and pageses (male peasants and female peasants) and walk through the streets of the village. They go in pairs, each person holding one handle of a vase like the one we are bringing to you at SABELLAR.

But that’s just part of the fun. Once the procession has started, is where the evil devils come into play. They are also vileros, but dressed up as colourful devils. They wander around the peasants and try to steal the vases. Afterwards, they give the vase to the Dimoni Gros (Great Devil) who crash them at the feet of the 'Beata'. Nobody gets hurt, it’s all part of the game!

It’s a very picturesque procession. Just look at the peasant's pants or the devil custom. And it goes way, way back in the history of the village and for the vileros is an event even more important than Christmas.

Thousands of people participate and as you can imagine, the devils can’t steal all the vases. Some of them arrive safely at the end of the procession, and those happy peasants bring the vases home as a real trophy. Almost every house in Santa Margalida holds several of these vases.

What we value about these rustic clay vases is not so much the technique or the design that goes back centuries, but the story they have behind. But we confess that we are deeply in love with its curvy forms, that insinuate a woman’s body.

Sabellar wants to recover these vases and pay homage to them. And we can’t think of a better way to do it than giving them a place in the contemporary decoration landscape.

Sabellar’s clay vases are handmade in the heart of the island, in a family-run atelier with more than 150 years’ history.


Regular: 29 cm.

Big: 33,5 cm.


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