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Hand made herb press
Hand made herb press, interior
Hand made herb press. detail.
Hand made herb press in a wicker bag

Botanical press

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Handmade wooden botanical press

Origin Material Manufacturing time
Porto Pinewood and recycled card 10 per week

Using our botanical press is like enjoying a day out in the countryside without leaving home. You will take in the familiar scents of the forest and wet grass as soon as it is out of the package. We love it so much that it is in fact SABELLAR’s only product which wasn't crafted in Spain. It comes from Oporto in Portugal.

Joao, the young artisan who created it, considers himself to be a “researcher” and “maker.” He explains how he has had endless jobs but always knew he would end up working with his hands. This botanical press comes from an original design he created for himself, inspired by old botanical books he finds in flea markets. The prototype was so successful with those who saw it that he decided to improve and market it.

Handmade wooden herb-press

The botanical press is made up of two Portuguese pinewood boards which measure 4 milimetres each. These come from a local factory and act as covers. The wood is matured and Joao later fire engraves the lettering in gold directly onto the press. Inside there are 8 sheets of grey recycled card each of 2 millimetres in size which is where plants and herbs can be preserved with the greatest care.

We recommend that you also place some sheets of newspaper between the cards and change them from time to time to improve conservation. Besides that, there remains nothing left to do except enjoy it. “This botanical press is very sturdy and doesn’t require any particular attention necessarily. At times you may wish to clean the wooden covers with appropriate products, but don't store your press away, let it accompany you on your woodland walks and fill it with leaves and flowers.”

interior of a handmade herb press


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