Model with Terracotta earrings. From the side. Made of clay.
Model with Terracotta earrings. From the back. Made of clay.
Model with Terracotta earrings. From the side. Made of clay.
Model holding a pair of our Terracotta earrings, made of clay

Terracotta clay earrings

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Handmade clay earrings

Origin Material Manufacturing time
Barcelona Red clay 4 days

Imposing and preeminent. It is not the size of our XL Terracotta earrings which we love most, and it is. It is not even the way they create a complete look all of their own.

What we adore about them is how their perfect mix of something so rustic, so Mediterranean that is red clay has been designed to have such a glamorous finish. 

The fetching rusty red tones of clay have been glossed only on the front side to show off the contrast of a shiny polished front with the organic rustic back of the piece. You wont want to take them off.

Clasp made of silver. 

Measurements: 8,8 cm. x 6 cm aprox.

Terracotta ceramic earrings,


Mar is the artist responsible for the ceramic earrings you will find at SABELLAR. She made her first pair a year ago in Levens, a town close to Nice when a family friend, a professional in the world of pottery, proposed the idea of experimenting with clay.

The result was astounding and since then she has continued to develop her love of clay. "I have always liked jewelry, I used to drive my mother and grandmothers mad emptying out their jewelry boxes. When the opportunity arose to try something with clay, I jumped at the chance."

Mar creates her pieces with three different types of clay, white, red and black, which she mixes according to the end finish she wishes to achieve. "So far my method has been quite intuitive, I've just been going along and discovering the various effects which I like. It is pure pleasure that has brought me here. I love simple, natural things and I think that this series is exactly that, simple and natural."

Mar's designs are 100% handcrafted. "Handmade things each have their own lives I find, whereas I think that multi-fabricated items lose that." Mar tells us that making these designs attract many positive things to her. "They teach me patience and concentration."

Mar starts by creating the shape of each piece and then leaves it to dry outside. Once dry it is placed in a kiln (pottery oven) for a couple of days. When the baking process has finished she coats them individually in enamel. "The enamel is clear and leaves a shiny coating on the piece without altering the clay's natural tone." They then go back in the kiln for a further two days and then she finally puts the pieces together and adds their silver clasps.  

"In fact my designs are much more versatile than I originally thought they would be. They suit ladies of all different styles and ages. I love seeing how women feel beautiful and comfortable wearing them." Mar is already thinking of extending her collection to include hairpins, bracelets and rings. 


Our earrings are handcrafted which means no two are the same. You may find yours are not identical to those in the photos. All vary slightly which is exactly what makes them so unique and special.


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