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Model holding a tanned leather pot with a cactus
Tanned leather pot with scissors, brushes and pencils
Two tanned leather pots, one over the other
Model in an vintage blouse holding a tanned leather pot with a cactus

Vegetable-tanned leather pot

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Handmade leather pot

Origin Material Manufacturing time
Galicia Vegetable-tanned leather 5 units per day

Javier is the artisan who makes these vegetable-tanned pots. They are completely hand-made without the use of a sewing machine or any such other tools. Their versatile design makes them especially useful as plant pots, pencil or paintbrush holders, or tray-organisers.

"The design for these pots originated from a very different idea. I started making a cube shaped pot, but later realized it wasn’t quite going as I intended. But as I was working on it, I noticed how pretty the creases formed by the leather were when it folded and that's how the shape started to emerge. The very creation process led me to the end design."  

 All leather pieces come from small, cattle breeders local to Castilla y León, an area inland on the Spanish mainland. All pieces are unique. Each one has been tanned with environmentally friendly and odorless vegetable extracts, without the need to use chromium which is much more aggressive. 

"I spend an hour and a half working on each individual pot. Mostly I spend time deciding on the best way to cut the leather in order to avoid even the smallest of imperfections or damage the material. The hardest part is sewing by hand because of the strength needed to stretch the thread."

detail of the interior of a tanned leather pot


The leather acquires a dark gloss over time when exposed to the sun. "This is half of its magic".  Moisturizing cream can be applied to it to prolong its condition, especially during summer when it tends to dry out more.

If you choose to have your pot as a plant pot, make sure it is only for air plants or cacti. Ideally it should have a small plate inside and be watered carefully to avoid damp and staining to the leather. Waterproofing sprays for leather are also useful to protect against small drops of water.  

Sizes and measurements 

There are two sizes available:

- Small: approximately 10x10 cm. x 8,5/9 cm. in height, perfect for storage of pencils.

-Large: approximately 13x13 cm. x 11 cm. in height, looks great as a plant pot or brush holder.



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