Old cotton vintage blouse, antique from Mallorca. Front
Old cotton vintage blouse, antique from Mallorca. Front
Old cotton vintage blouse, antique from Mallorca. Back
Old cotton vintage blouse, antique from Mallorca. Back
Old cotton vintage blouse, antique from Mallorca. Front

Mariona blouse

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Origin Material Date
Mallorca Old cotton  Early/mid 20th Century

Mariona is the blouse that has it all. It is the definition of perfect equilibrium: it lacks nothing, but without being too much. Its perfect white cotton and its straight pattern make it perfect and easy to wear, either with your favorite jeans or with more sophisticated garments.

We love its eye-catching and powerful frontal. Its collar reminds us to a flower calyx. Its nine pin-tucks at each side (yes, nine!) add volume and movement. And look to the beautiful scallop along the buttons. This blouse is one of the most special pieces we ever had at SABELLAR.

Mariona is a garment to discover slowly. No rush. You will love the delightful “M” embroidered in the upper right front, with delicate floral patterns. Admire the incredible cuffs that evoke flower petals. And don’t forget the back, graceful and very elegant, thanks to the wide dart that comes out from the collar.

Length from top shoulder to bottom hem: 56 cm. Width from side to side at chest level: 55 cm. Best fits XS-S frames. 

Heigh of model: 176 cm.

Old cotton vintage blouse, antique from Mallorca


The garments we offer are all at least 70 or 80 years old, some even more than one hundred. They are all from rural Mallorca, from those dowries which someone first embroidered years ago and were later stored in a trunk and forgotten about.

They are all simple items, hand-made and mainly white. All have tiny details such as embroideries which make them extremely special. You may find two blouses which look similar, but none are exactly the same. Several are embroidered with the initials or first name of the pieces' original owner.

We have searched the island from market to market, home to home, for the most beautiful blouses and gowns you can imagine. We have found old cotton and linen. Durable, fresh and breathable fabrics which are ideal as standard Summer wear.

All the garments you will find here have been completely restored. The process starts at the hands of an expert embroiderer who has carefully mended any imperfections it may have suffered over time. We really want our hemstitches, embossing and loop stitching to look as good as it did on the very first day it was worn.

Next the garments undergo a rigorous cleaning process to remove any hard staining from rust or damp. Please take into account that you may still find a loose thread or some patching or tiny staining that refuses to budge (don't worry we will tell you about it first). We believe that these slight imperfections aren't bad, in fact they are part of the history of the piece.

We assure you that nothing makes your feel as unique as wearing a unique piece of clothing like these ones, being able to imagine who tailored it for its original owner and now for you. Where did she live? What was her story? Or even better, to imagine that maybe it was worn at a particularly important event or time in her life. This, we believe, is quite magical.


Our garments have survived until today because the thread originally used to make them is so resistant. To keep them at their best condition possible, we recommend you do not wash at more than 30º, nor use fabric conditioner and only allow a medium spin.


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