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ceramic and raffia earrings from verbena and sabellar.
ceramic and raffia earrings from verbena and sabellar on model.
pair of earrings. ceramic and raffia earrings from verbena and sabellar.
ceramic and raffia earrings from verbena and sabellar and flowers
ceramic and raffia earrings from verbena and sabellar.

Alborada earrings

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Origin Material Manufacturing time
Madrid/Canary Islands Ceramic and raffia 1 month approx.

We have named these earrings Alborada, which is an old manner how "sunrise" is said in Spain. They transmit precisely that feeling so typical in Summer mornings, with the orange tones of the sunrise wrapping up everything.

Alborada is an exceptional blend of crafts with a super contemporary and glamorous design. We love how they frame the jaw, how they hang without hanging, and we love their super-feminine shapes a bit from the 80’s... A totally unexpected design that looks great with everything you wear, from a night look to jeans and t-shirt.

Measurements. Length: 5 cm. / Weight: 7.5 gr.

Materials. Natural raffia dyed with vegetable dyes and braided by hand. Mottled stoneware with transparent ceramic enamel. Gilded brass clasp.

Ceramic earrings, sabellar, verbena, raffia


Strong advocates of the Spanish crafts, of handmade products, of buying fewer things but better ones... Too many shared values between Verbena Madrid and Sabellar for not to join forces in a collaboration like this one. The story of Verbena with Sabellar and Sabellar with Verbena is one of those stories that starts in Instagram, "the Tinder of brands": we discovered each other since the beginning of our adventures, each one following the steps of the other, growing almost hand by hand, celebrating our respective successes. And so, one day in October, we travelled to Madrid to meet the Verbena team, Cristina and Carmen, at their offices, in our beloved neighbourhood of Las Salesas. The crush ended up in this exclusive collaboration.

The girls of Verbena are mostly known for their wonderful crowns, their most iconic product. Real works of art made of raffia that empowers the women that wear them. Then came the earrings, with maximum shapes and volumes but minimum weight. "The raffia embroidery was one of the first we discovered and we were impressed by the process, the visual impact and the lightness of the pieces", Carmen tells us. Their inspiration comes from everything they have around them. The painting, the architecture, the traditional cultures, the trips, landscapes and cities that they discover, and also "in historical characters and moments that we reinvented giving them a contemporary perspective".

The Verbena earrings for Sabellar have two main materials: raffia and ceramic, and they try to highlight "the purest part" of both materials. To achieve this, the natural tones of the materials have been maintained. Once you have them in your hands you will feel the set of contrasts created by the finishing touches, sometimes more polished and others more rustic. Creating these graceful and dazzling earrings has not been an easy task. We worked on ten different designs until we found the perfect models, both in shape and size, as well as in weight (crucial point). But moving from a design on paper to its materialization is always the hardest part. We didn’t stop until we found the perfect way to blend the raffia and the ceramics.

Both techniques require long development processes. "On the one hand, ceramics. You have to mould it, put it in the kiln, glaze it and then to the kiln again. The process lasts approximately two weeks and all the pieces have been created from scratch in a ceramic atelier in Madrid. Afterwards, the pieces have travelled to the Canary Islands to blend them with the raffia. The raffia itself has gone through a process of several weeks. First, one has to gather the fibres of the largest leaves of the palm and left them to dry for several days. Once dry, they are embroidered. Each pair of earrings has required about eight hours of manual embroidery work. Once the pottery and the raffia have been assembled, the pieces have returned to Madrid and the trimmings have been added. And from there, to Brussels," explains Carmen.

But the effort has been worthwhile, giving rise to two designs full of personality and at the same time super wearable and comfortable. "We would love to see the earrings of Verbena for Sabellar in strong and happy women, with their own style and who value the craft work and very unique and special pieces," Carmen concludes. Are you one of them?


- Keep them away from water and liquids.

- Transport them protected (preferable in their original box), so they do not get damaged.