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The Perfect Camel Hat
The Perfect Camel Hat
The Perfect Camel Hat
The Perfect Camel Hat

The Perfect Camel Hat

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Origin Material Manufacturing time
Seville Lapin furfelt 3 days

*** The 'Perfect Camel Hat' comes in two different sizes (S/M and M/L). Check yours with the 'MEASUREMENTS' guide you will find below

We know you wanted it and here it is! We present you the perfect Sabellar hat, one of our bestsellers, this time in a beautiful camel tone that, no doubt, will make you fall in love. 

Here at SABELLAR we love hats. Hats have always been around us, at our homes since when we were kids. And they are one of our favourites accessories. That’s why we have not stopped until we have found the ideal Sabellar hat and bring it to our shop.

We like to think of the Sabellar hat as ‘The Perfect Hat’, because of its super wearable and flattering design. It looks great in any woman that tries it on (believe us, we have made the test with plenty of women around us!). The secret is the combination of classic shapes at the crown and a powerful rigid brim, something not very common these days that gives personality and character to the hat.

‘The Perfect Hat’ is made of the highest quality lapin furfelt. Designed in exclusivity for Sabellar by an artisanal company based in Sevilla (Spain), that has been in the business of making hats since 1885.

More than 200 hundreds steps are needed to do this artisanal hat: the original design, the making of the crown, the use of blocks to build the whole piece, the steam ironing, the final brushing… Three working days with more than 15 people involved.


Our hat comes in two different sizes: S/M (55-56 cm) and M/L (57-58 cm)

How to know your size? Measure the circumference of your head using a flexible measuring tape (“a sewing tape”). If you don’t have it, you can use a thread or cord and then measure it with a ruler. You should take measures just where the hat will sit on your head (right over your ears and in the middle of the forehead). When you take measures, hold firmly the measuring tape but without tightening.


We recommend brushing your hat regularly with a soft-bristle brush -ideally, every time you are going to wear it-. It can be a soft brush for the hair or a specific hat-brush made with horsehair or other fibre. It is important to choose the right brush. Take one with light bristles for light-coloured hats and another with dark bristles for dark hats. Hard bristles brushes can damage the felt.

If you are not going to use it in a while, keep it inside the cloth bag we will send you with your purchase and then in a wooden box or in a good carton box. That will keep the moisture away.

To remove stains use a soft damp cloth or a sponge (make-up sponge are great for that) and rub softly counterclockwise.

If you follow these simple suggestions, your Sabellar hats will last forever.