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Traditional Majorcan landscapes, two paintings, oil on canvas, dated late 20th century
Model holding a frameless painting. Traditional Majorcan landscape, oil on canvas, dated late 20th century
Traditional Majorcan landscape, frameless painting, oil on canvas, dated late 20th century
Traditional Majorcan landscape, frameless painting seen from the back, oil on canvas, dated late 20th century
Frameless painting. Traditional Majorcan landscape, detail of the signature, oil on canvas, dated late 20th century

Majorcan autumn paintings

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Frameless painting, oil on canvas

Origin Material Date
Mallorca Oil on canvas 1999

It is funny how an island which constitutes only a few thousand square kilometres can be made up of such a varied terrain. It's almost as if Majorca were a group of islands nestled into one.

To the northwest it is rough and steep, lined with immense cliffs and rocky beach coves overlooked by the Tramuntana mountain range and decorated by its high mountain foliage.

This landscape is a striking contrast to the sandy beaches of the rest of the coastline and the island´s dry interior with its holm oaks and pines and olive and almond crops.

When seen from the sky, the island is reminiscent of Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou's stunning rugs and their woody tones and turfy grasses, similar to her carpet used by Belgian designer Dries Van Noten on his runway in 2015.

We came to remember her art when we discovered these paintings at a local market on the island. The man who sold them to me said that they had been painted in the nineties by his friend, Rennie, an artist who had then left the island after a long time. I guessed that she was in fact more than a friend and that he wasn't too happy about her decision to leave.

We can't comment too much on the techniques applied, but we can assure you that these pictures will radiate that light that we so yearn for. The light of our dear island, a gleam of autumnal sunset that warms but no longer burns. The canvas can be hung on your favourite wall, or even leant against a favoured piece of furniture.

A combination of both pictures together, takes you to the heart of the landscape itself, without even needing a ticket.


- Small: 33 cm. x 24,5 cm.

- Big: 35 cm. x 27,5 cm.

Perfect condition.


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