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Clay plate for kids with golden glimmers. Shaped like a bear's head. Sabellar and Bonjour. Model in a white dress
Clay kit for children: glass, bear-shaped plate and napkin holder. Sabellar and Bonjour
Clay glass with golden glimmers at the holder. Model in a white dress.
Clay plate for kids with golden glimmers with homemade doughnuts. Glass and napkin in a napkin holder. Sabellar and Bonjour.
Back of the clay plate with Sabellar and Bonjour logos

Children clay kit

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Medium sized plate, cup and napkin holder. 'Bonjour' limited edition. Only at SABELLAR

Origin Material Manufacturing time
Madrid Baked clay 2,5 days

At SABELLAR we believe that curiosity should be encouraged from childhood.  We should be inspired to take interest in our surroundings, to touch and understand, to question where things come from. When we discovered these clay making kits for children that Elena at Bonjour has created, we fell in love with them instantly. 

We love the relaxing colours and the subtlety of the bear shape, which only hints at the form in order to ensure children really put their imagination to use.    

These kits, made up of a medium-sized plate, a cup and a napkin holder are supplied exclusively to SABELLAR. They cannot be found in any other store.  

Clay plate for kids with golden glimmers. Shaped like a bear's head. Sabellar and Bonjour. Model in a white dress

They have been made with baked clay at a temperature of 1000ºC and have been designed to be thicker than the plates Elena usually makes for adults. We love the combination of almost wabi-sabi design and gentle glimmers of gold.  Elena describes it as a "silent luxury".  We are so caught up in a world of haste and urgency, a habit which is proving quite negative for many trades and products which are of great value.  "I personally have always preferred to have fewer things which have a story, which bring back memories and emotions, than to have many that are meaningless and which tend to break and get thrown away a few days after use."   

When Elena learned the pottery trade, only three years ago, she had no idea that she would be so lucky to become a provider of silent luxury herself. “I started slowly, making orders for friends, and in fact I took a long time to set up my business. I worked in marketing and the idea of leaving my job seemed to be an enormous leap. However, since I started I have been overjoyed! I needed something more creative which would allow me to let my ideas flow."


The pieces of the kit are suitable for dishwasher cleaning and can be placed in the oven (no more than 160º). They are not designed for microwave use or sudden changes of temperature.  


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